Septum Rings are STILL Having a Moment

From Abbey Lee Kershaw to Janet Jackson, the septum ring has been a bold fashion statement for celebrities and bloggers alike. We have seen it come and go but it looks like right now its here to stay on your instagram feed.

Since the septum ring is such a huge trend in fashion this year, we decided to do our homework and see where this trend came from and how it is used in other places around the world. In some parts of North America, the septum ring has been used as a right of passage for a boy becoming a man. In Bangladesh, women who pierce their septum show it as a sign that they are married. Pretty rad huh? Septum rings were also very popular with Mayans, Aztecs and the Incas. In all these cases, we learned the septum ring has such a sign of significance and can not be ignored. However, with any piercing, it is hard to commit to because of the pain and permanence it comes with.
So for all you non committing readers, Loren Stewart actually has some rings that you can test out as septum rings, without the piercing! Click here to see some of the rings!
septum rings

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