With all this talk about tidying in the air, it seems like everyone is trying to simplify their space. Here's how to say goodbye excessive accessories and hello to the life-changing magic of minimalist jewelry.

The What

Minimalism isn’t just an aesthetic– it’s also a mindset, and it goes hand-in-hand with our jewelry. Fine jewelry isn't just about gold & diamonds– we believe it should be defined by its value to you. Our live-in-it philosophy means we create quality everyday jewelry that fits your lifestyle and allows you to be your best self. 

A minimalist approach to your jewelry means keeping only the pieces that enhance your life.

The Why

Let's face it– this approach isn't for everyone. But for those stuck in a style rut, it can be the perfect way out. You could benefit from jewelry minimalism if you:

– find yourself feeling overwhelmed by your options when you get dressed in the morning (it may be time to de-clutter).
– want to curb your impulse buy habit and be more sustainable (short-term fast-fashion styles are your enemy).
– feel that you’ve outgrown your current collection, and want to refine your look (growing up is hard– and so is building a more sophisticated or professional wardrobe).


The How

Let's get to the basics. Here's the Loren Stewart guide to jewelry minimalism.

Mind Over Matter.

Your jewelry should lift you up, not weight you down. Take a look at your current collection piece-by-piece to zero in on what you should keep. It all comes down to two questions–

  1. How does it make me feel?

Try on each piece, and make note of how you feel when you wear it. Focus on paring down your collection to pieces that make you feel good whenever you put them on.

  1. Do I wear it?

Set aside jewelry pieces as you wear them. At the end of the month, take a look at what you did and didn’t wear. Your most-worn pieces are likely the most functional. Consider letting go of pieces that don’t serve a unique purpose in your wardrobe– like rarely worn pieces or multiples of similar styles.

Assess what it is you like about your favorite pieces. What about the style & material makes it versatile and comfortable? Use this to inform how you curate your pared-down collection.

Waste Not, Want Not.

Having a hard time letting go of something for sentimental reasons? Gifting pieces you no longer need to friends or family allows you to appreciate the value the piece gave to you, and pass that on to a loved one.

For family heirlooms or vintage pieces that aren’t quite your style, consider displaying them as decor. For everything else– donate rather than discard.

Invest Is Best.

Now that you’ve pared down what you have, you’re free to curate your very own capsule jewelry wardrobe. 

A capsule wardrobe is a minimized collection of select, versatile essentials you love to wear. Here's what that means when it comes to your jewelry:

– Shop with intention. Shop for specific pieces that serve a unique purpose that’s unfulfilled by your current collection. Consider limiting yourself to a certain number of total pieces, with the option of gifting or donating an existing piece and replacing it with something new. Look for versatile pieces that you truly love, that integrate with your current collection, and in materials that will last with everyday wear.
– Minimizing your collection doesn’t mean minimizing your individuality. Don’t feel obligated to stick to sleek & simple designs if that’s not what you wear. Your capsule wardrobe should express & work for you. Anything you love to wear, that’s cohesive with your personal style, will be a versatile staple.
– A pared down collection also makes self-styling a breeze. Every piece is part of a cohesive, refined look, giving you freedom to mix, match & layer with ease.
– It's an investment in yourself. Sticking to a few pieces that you really love allow you invest in higher quality jewelry that brings you confidence. 


    Capsule Jewelry Wardrobe Essentials

    Building your capsule wardrobe from the ground-up and don't know where to start? We've broken down our minimalist wardrobe into seven essential categories, featuring some best-selling LS staples that always spark joy.

    1. Simple studs.

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