Behind the Design | Developing F/W '18

Behind the Design | Developing F/W '18

Piecing together the inspiration. Moodboard at Rachel Loren's design studio in Mount Washington, Los Angeles.

Each piece of Loren Stewart jewelry is designed with a collector and story in mind. For our F/W '18 collection, we were guided by the rich hues of Renaissance grotesque still-life paintings, the moody attitude of '80s punk photography, and feminine iconography like the Birth of Venus.

The rich hues of Renaissance still-life paintings inspired our collection, producing long dramatic chain links.

Inspiration is everywhere—even under your feet. The woven patterns of this Turkish rug inspired the geometrical patterns of our new collection.

Los Angeles—forever a muse and site of fantasy. Rachel's commute takes her through Chinatown, a historic heritage site that reflects the Chinese diaspora and Hollywood dreams. Many films—from Rush Hour to One Good Cop—have been shot there. We find inspiration in glamour, decadence, and history.

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