Style Guide | Everyday Men's Jewelry Essentials

Everyday Men's Jewelry Essentials


Fine Chain Necklace


Rami Malek for GQ; Ezra Miller for Wonderland

Ombre Mixed Chain Necklace - Petite Industrial Box Link Chain - Yin Yang Chain


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Thin Cuff + Wristwatch


Ryan Reynolds for GQ

Sing Sing Cuff - Get Lucky Cuff


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Pinky Ring


Ashton Sanders for Dazed; Jeff Goldblum for Gentleman's Journal; Matt Smith for GQ 

Mini ID Ring - Rolled Gold Narrow ID Ring - XL Gold Face Signet Ring


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Industrial Chain Bracelet


Timothée Chalamet for GQ; Chris Pratt for GQ

Industrial XL Chain Bracelet - Civil Curb Chain Bracelet - Onyx Bezel Bracelet - Blue London Bezel Bracelet


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