Loren Stewart Gold Ball Bolo "Bolero" Necklace

Loren Stewart Gold Ball Bolo "Bolero" Necklace

Gold Ball Bolero

Bolos are an American creation—a necktie with an adjustable slide with decorative metal tips called aglets. With roots in Southwestern Native American silversmithing, Bolo comes from the Spanish bolas —stones attached with string thrown to capture escaping cattle. Since 1971, its been the official neckwear of Arizona and by 2007, New Mexico and Texas.

Bob Dylan and Clint Eastwood wore Bolos to shore up their rustic cred as U2's Bono and Johnny Depp has done.   

Loren Stewart's Gold Ball Bolero is a lighter more feminine version of bolo with an adjustable gold ball, 14 kt gold chain with triangle and bar pendants or aglets.


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