Lunar Landscapes: Resort 2017 Loren Stewart

As Resort marks the season for exploration, Loren Stewart’s newest collection echoes the spirit of the early space age and its call that everyone has a destination to discover. Vintage photos of lunar landscapes, sculptural satellites and Saturn’s rings influenced the latest collection. Disk Door Knocker collars and earrings, sphere and leather chokers, and Armlets reference the textures of the solar system. Varsity rings encrusted with blue topaz and emeralds and Gemini Pin earrings with black onyx and blue sapphire evoke the ethereal star-clouds of the Milky Way. Sourced from 14KT gold, sterling silver, precious stones and leather, each piece of Loren Stewart Resort 2017 is handcrafted in downtown Los Angeles, CA with special attention to quality and detail. We teamed up with LA's freshest faces Minji Money and Kris Kidd  to shoot our Resort 2017. Irony aside, both of them were extremely down to earth and a great pleasure to work with. As you shop our Women's Resort 2017 collection we hope it inspires you to discover and learn new destinations around you and most importantly within you. See you on the other side.  



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