Men's Jewelry Trends & How to Wear Them

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Men's Jewelry Trends
How to Wear Them

Here are the three jewelry looks the best-dressed men in fashion are wearing right now, and how you can style them for yourself.



Photo: GQ, Photo: Wonderland Magazine, Photo: GQ 

Pendant Necklace

How to wear it:

  • Bring a 1970s flair to slacks and an open dress shirt with a gold pendant chain.
  • Customize this look with multiple pendants on a single chain to complement a vintage t-shirt and cardigan like Ezra Miller.
  • A simple engraved ID tag pendant goes with anything-- including Ryan Gosling's plain white t-shirt and winter flannel.


Italian Horn Necklace; Rectangle ID Tag Pendant; Guadalupe Pendant

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Multiple Rings

How to wear it:

  • Harry Styles manages to channel old school rock n' roll in any formal suit or t-shirt by mixing big carved silver signet rings with old school gold and jewels on every finger. 
  • Pairing a casual suit with a few matching gold rings like Donald Glover creates a look that's polished, but still a little  flashy (in the best way).


XL Gold Face Signet Ring; Lion Crest Signet Ring; Onyx Signet Ring

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Mini Hoops

How to wear it:

  • This trend dominated men's runways this year. You can ease into it with a discreet, ear-hugging wire hoop with a thin gauge. 
  • For something more distinct, swap the hoop out for a safety pin earring, or hook the safety pin to your hoop for the dangling effect Ashton Sanders wears.


Henri Hook Earring; Safety Pin Earring

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