Behind the Design | On Jade

Behind the Design | On Jade

Spring '19 features a playful array of color block jade pieces. Clockwise from top: Multi-Color Baril Earring ($375), Stone Hoops ($415), Disco Chain ($1,300), Baril Ring ($395).

From ancient China to the empires of Mayans and Aztecs, jadeite jade has been prized not just for jewelry but also for medicinal purposes and religious artifacts. Spring '19 incorporates playful color block jade pieces designed to be collected and cherished.

Left: A mask of jadeite from the Olmec civilization of the Gulf coast, Mesoamerica, 900-500 BCE. Right: The jade death mask of Maya king Kinich Janaab Pacal, c. 683 CE, Palenque. 

The name jade comes from the Spanish expression piedra de ijada—literally “stone of the pain in the side.” Early Spanish explorers named it after they saw natives holding pieces of the stone to their sides to cure or relieve various aches and pains.

Left: A Chinese jade dragon. Zhou Dynasty, 5th-4th century BCE. Right: A Chinese miniature jade mask. 2nd millennium BCE.

Our Spring '19 collection is inspired by the jetset lifestyle of a bygone era, when luxury was in every detail, sparing no price on personal adornment and decadent surroundings. The warm hues of our latest color-block jade evoke the colors of a Mediterranean sunset and the saturated colors of vintage Kodrachrome photography. Shop Spring '19.

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