Shed your layers for summer without sacrificing style. Showing some skin creates the perfect canvas for showing off your jewelry collection. We’re taking cues from our friends on how to wear less and accessorize more. Here are some looks we love.



Featured Images


@olivialopez in the Disk & Toggle Necklace

@bellathomas in the ID Tag Pearl Necklace

Photo of Gianni Versace & Lalla Spagnol at Villa Fontanelle, by Slim Aarons

@aesthetics.anonymous in the Jade Teardrop Ring

@aaanouschka in the Jersey Necklace & Natasha Hoops

Dome Hoops, Phat Band, and Jersey Necklace

Grand Bezel Ring & Rozy Band

@taylranne in the Baby Signet Ring

@meganadelaide in the Chubbie Huggies and Baby Valentino Chain Necklace

Herringbone Necklace and Pearl Octagonal ID Tag Necklace

Alpha Cuffs, Baby Signet Ring, and Emerald Opal & Diamond Ring

@alyssainthecity in the Jersey Necklace

@meganadelaide in the Angel Pendant Necklace and Long Link Heavy Chain

@shhtephs in the Jade Teardrop Band and La Dolce Vita Anklet

Mother of Pearl Stone Hoops


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