The 90's Choker Necklace Trend

If you haven't heard of the 90's grunge revival you probably haven't logged into your Instagram account for a year or so. Which maybe actually a good thing. But for the rest of us insta addicts here, we are noticing that the 90's are back at it again. One of our favorite trends is the infamous choker necklace. A tattoo choker a bit too much? Don't worry there are many other choker options out there to rock without looking like you stepped out of a Claire's store (no offense to Claire's though). Below we rounded up how our favorite celebrities are embracing the choker revolution!

Rihanna Choker Diamond Gold The Diamond & Cuff Choker:
When it comes to the queen of choker fashion it is none other than our Bad Gal RiRi. We absolutely love the way she incorporates diamond and cuff chokers and making them elegant for concerts and her red carpet appearances as well.