Style Rewind | The Curb Chain

Style Rewind | The Curb Chain

Ever see a vintage pocket watch or a chunky 80's punk choker and wonder what type of chain is that? It's a curb chain. This classic style is made up of identical oval links that interlock together to lay flat for a polished, masculine look that's become a timeless jewelry staple through the years.


An Edwardian man, actor Fred Astaire, and a 1940's Chicago youth pairing curb chain pocket watches or wallet chains with their suits.

Early curb chains are thought to be inspired by the heavy fluid chainmaille armor worn by knights, and the ornate livery collars worn by the nobility of the Middle Ages. They soon became a staple in men's accessories, from Edwardian pocket watches to zoot suit embellishments.


Make your wrists shine like Robin Gibb of the BeeGees with our diamond-cut XL Big Daddy Chain Bracelet ($432).

60's rockers piled pendants onto vintage curb chains, 70's punks donned heavier chains for their industrial look, and 80's glam style icons layered oversized gold and silver curb chains for maximum shine on the dance floor.

Layer pendants like Hendrix with our Lion Medallion Necklace ($295).


Add a Silver Padlock Pendant ($75) to a Silver Chain Collar Necklace ($475) to for a classic punk look that's equal parts Sid Vicious and Debbie Harry.


Channel Tupac in his iconic Death Row chain with our Guadalupe Pendant ($365).

The status symbol of gold chains in 80's disco and glam-rock style brought gave way to 90's, where heavy gold curb chains became a staple of both hip-hop culture and Chanel & Moschino runway looks.

Go for a chain-heavy 90's Chanel runway look with our XL Industrial Curb Chain ($918) and our Guadalupe Pendant ($365).


Go for a draped look like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley or Cara DeLevigne by stacking our Blue London Bezel Bracelet ($295), Disk Pendant ($355) and Secret Layering Chain ($161).

Centuries later, from high fashion to street style, changing trends and times have never curbed the popularity of this classic chain.



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