A Personal Touch

Something a little more personal, for the ones you know best. Customize these pieces with meaningful messages to create wearable memorabilia for your closest family or your whole crew.

Oh, and did we mention the engraving is on us? Get the gift of complimentary engraving through 12/12.

Disk & Toggle Necklace Disk & Toggle Necklace
Disk & Toggle Necklace
$ 325.00
Mini Heart Signet Mini Heart Signet
Mini Heart Signet
$ 129.00
Initials Bracelet Initials Bracelet
Customize It
Initials Bracelet
$ 70.00
Big Daddy ID Bracelet Big Daddy ID Bracelet
Big Daddy ID Bracelet
$ 315.00
Diamond Octagonal ID Pendant Diamond Octagonal ID Pendant
Diamond Octagonal ID Pendant
$ 185.00
Mini Disk & Toggle Necklace Mini Disk & Toggle Necklace
Mini Disk & Toggle Necklace
$ 270.00
Rectangle ID Tag Pendant Rectangle ID Tag Pendant
Rectangle ID Tag Pendant
$ 238.00
Disk Necklace Disk Necklace
Disk Necklace
$ 340.00
Itsy ID on East Side Chain Itsy ID on East Side Chain
Itsy ID on East Side Chain
$ 287.00
Baby Signet Ring Baby Signet Ring
Baby Signet Ring
$ 315.00
Spell It Out Necklace Spell It Out Necklace
Customize It
Spell It Out Necklace
$ 120.00
Spell It Out Bracelet Spell It Out Bracelet
Customize It
Spell It Out Bracelet
$ 90.00
XL Industrial ID Bracelet XL Industrial ID Bracelet
XL Industrial ID Bracelet
$ 560.00