Baby Valentino Choker Necklace New
Baby Valentino Choker Necklace
10kt Italian Tri-Colored Yellow, Rose, White Gold chain Adjustable to 16" Chain
$ 245
Floating Diamond Necklace
14k Yellow Gold chain & bezel setting 16'' total length with adjustment loops  2.5mm White...
$ 391
Pearl on Fairy Floss
Single White Pearl on 14k Gold Fairy Floss Chain
$ 345
Fairy Floss Choker or Lariat
14k "liquid gold" chain lariat Choice of Lariat or Choker length necklace Measurements Choker: Neckline...
$ 546
Floating Gem Necklace New
Floating Gem Necklace
14Kt Yellow Gold Adjustable Chain 14"- 15"- 16" 2.5 mm Birthstone (.07 CT)
$ 360 - $ 398
Gold Sphere Leather Necklace New
Gold Sphere Leather Necklace
Our Gold Sphere Leather Necklace can be worn snug like a choker, or loosen it...
$ 295
The Diamond Dust Gold Thread Necklace is a delicate everyday necklace, easy to incorporate into your...
$ 330
Diamond Collar Necklace New
Diamond Collar Necklace
Sturdily laying along your neck, this 14Kt Yellow Gold wire necklace hooks behind to stay in...
$ 675
Omega Tube Necklace New
Omega Tube Necklace
Awaken your inner Greek goddess with our Omega Tube Necklace. Placed on a 10Kt Yellow...
$ 356
Babetee XL Gemstone Choker New
Babetee XL Gemstone Choker
Extravagance is paired with simplicity for our Babetee Choker. In comparison to our other pieces with...
$ 410
14kt Yellow Gold Petite Cuban Chain 16'' total length with adjustment loops Add a lot of sparkle...
$ 485
Emerald Opal Diamond Necklace
14k Gold Adjustable 16'' Chain 2.5mm Round Cut Emerald 3x5mm Cabochon Pear Cut Opal 1.6mm Round...
$ 465
Petite Havana Chain Necklace
14Kt Yellow Gold Petite Cuban Havana Chain 16" Length
$ 420
Door Knocker Collar New
Door Knocker Collar
This stiff and structured 14Kt Yellow Gold wire was made to fit around your collar, and...
$ 1,077
Emerald Wire Choker
Sturdily laying along your neck, this 14Kt Yellow Gold wire necklace hooks behind to stay in...
$ 585
Fitzgerald Fairy Floss
Cascading 3 layers of Fairy Floss Chain join together for a modern, minimal look. 10Kt Gold...
$ 650
ID Choker Necklace New
ID Choker Necklace
Molded in glittering 14Kt Yellow Gold, this ID necklace was hand-crafted to look ruggedly glam....
$ 445 - $ 470
Jo-Jo Necklace New
Jo-Jo Necklace
Our darling Jo-Jo Necklace is the sister piece to the Jo-Jo Bracelet from this collection....
$ 692.75
Kriss Kross Wire Choker New
Kriss Kross Wire Choker
14Kt Yellow Gold Handmade Wire Collar 14Kt Yellow Gold Sliding "Kriss-Kross" Pendant Adjustment loops in...
$ 775
Omega Collar New
Omega Collar
From our Chelsea capsule, this piece is a nod to the Chelsea girls such as...
$ 895
Safety Pin Collar New
Safety Pin Collar
14Kt Yellow Gold XL Safety Pin and Wire Collar
$ 626
Sterling Silver Curb Chain Collar Necklace 17'' total length with adjustment loops Our XL Industrial...
$ 918
Silver Chain Collar Necklace New
Silver Chain Collar Necklace
Sterling Silver adjustable curb chain 16” Total Length
$ 475
Standard Valentino Necklace
10Kt Italian Tri-Colored Yellow, Rose, White Gold Chain 16'' Length
$ 493
Topaz Collar Necklace
Cast from 14kt gold, this delicate necklace is strung with 5 marquise multi-faceted cut gemstones...
$ 728
Tennis Square Cut Necklace
Inspired by the classic "Tennis Bracelets" made popular by Chris Evert, a professional tennis player...
$ 869