Dina Nur Satti x Loren Stewart

14Kt Yellow Gold Serpent Huggie Earrings laid next to Ceramic Catch-All and Lotus Tea

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The Set: Serpent Huggie Earrings, Catch-All and Lotus Tea

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A capsule collection created in collaboration with the ceramic artist, Dina Nur Satti.

Rife with mysticism, this set will make the perfect gift for anyone seeking to add a touch of spirituality to their every day. The sacred Lotus flowers used in religious rituals in ancient Nubia and Egypt are hailed as symbols of personal transformation. The 14kt gold Serpent Huggie Earrings are made in the silhouette of a uraeus, an ancient Egyptian depiction of a rearing cobra that has been associated with deities, divine authority and wisdom. The Clay Jewelry Catch-All, inspired by water carrying vessels, is ideal for displaying chains, rings and charms and is a subtle nod to the Zen proverb: “chop wood, carry water.” The Lotus Tea has deeply calming properties that help induce a state of lucid dreaming and can help with easing anxieties, letting go of stress, and igniting creative inspiration.

  • 14Kt Yellow Gold Serpent Huggie Earrings 
  • Diameter: .55”
  • Made in L.A. 
  • Double Vessel Clay Catch-All
  • Height: 1.5”
  • Thickness: 5-6mm
  • Made in NYC
  • Lotus Tea Ritual
  • 1-2 hours before bedtime put on your piece of jewelry and place one whole Blue Lotus flower into your favorite mug or teapot. 
  • If using a cup, boil enough water for about 6oz of tea. For a teapot, boil about 12oz. Pour the hot water over the flower to submerge it and steep for 5-7 minutes. 
  • Gently stir the tea, and remove the flower. If using a cup, you can steep the flower one more time. 
  • Sit somewhere comfortable with your tea and think of something you would like to let go of or something that you would like more clarity around.  
  • Drink the tea slowly while holding this intention in mind.
  • Feel how the tea affects your body and mind before bed and take a moment in the morning to take note of the quality of your sleep and any insights you might have received.
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Close up of Serpent Huggie Earring Set shot on model
Close up of Serpent Huggie Earrings
Lotus Tea Packs tied together with string