LS Studio

LS Studio is a creative space to express who we are and to share new ideas with you. You’ll see standout statement pieces, unique silhouettes, and your favorite signature styles given original twists. These pieces represent our latest creations, delivered directly from our design studio to your jewelry collection.

XL Curb Chain Bracelet XL Curb Chain Bracelet
LS Studio
XL Curb Chain Bracelet
Regular price $ 651.00
Pearl Octagonal ID Tag Necklace Pearl Octagonal ID Tag Necklace
Engravable LS Studio
Pearl Octagonal ID Tag Necklace
$ 395.00
XL Disk & Baril Necklace XL Disk & Baril Necklace
Engravable LS Studio
XL Disk & Baril Necklace
Regular price $ 698.00
Cornetto & Jade Baril Necklace Cornetto & Jade Baril Necklace
LS Studio
Cornetto & Jade Baril Necklace
Regular price $ 345.00
Joan of Arc Necklace Joan of Arc Necklace
LS Studio
Joan of Arc Necklace
Regular price $ 708.00
Pearl ID Tag Necklace Pearl ID Tag Necklace
Engravable LS Studio
Pearl ID Tag Necklace
$ 372.00
Heart Friendship Safety Pin Heart Friendship Safety Pin
LS Studio
Heart Friendship Safety Pin
Regular price $ 140.00
Heart Pendant Necklace Heart Pendant Necklace
Engravable LS Studio
Heart Pendant Necklace
$ 165.00
LS Studio
Regular price $ 56.00
LS Studio
Regular price $ 56.00
MOM Stud MOM Stud
LS Studio
MOM Stud
Regular price $ 56.00
MAMA Pendant Necklace MAMA Pendant Necklace
LS Studio
MAMA Pendant Necklace
Regular price $ 130.00
Mini Heart Signet Mini Heart Signet
Engravable LS Studio
Mini Heart Signet
$ 129.00
Square ID Ring Square ID Ring
Engravable LS Studio
Square ID Ring
$ 157.00
Dome Ring Dome Ring
LS Studio
Dome Ring
Regular price $ 193.00
Abalone Hoops Abalone Hoops
LS Studio
Abalone Hoops
Regular price $ 200.00
Baby Shell Pendant Necklace Baby Shell Pendant Necklace
LS Studio
Baby Shell Pendant Necklace
Regular price $ 164.00
Wire Shell Necklace Wire Shell Necklace
LS Studio
Wire Shell Necklace
Regular price $ 332.00
Mini Rod Earrings Mini Rod Earrings
LS Studio
Mini Rod Earrings
Regular price $ 150.00
Square Pyramid Studs Square Pyramid Studs
LS Studio
Square Pyramid Studs
Regular price $ 98.00