Maximal Minimal

Maximize your jewelry collection with our minimalist take on timeless details and materials. These top picks are must-haves for any jewelry collector.

XL Sterling Silver Herringbone Bracelet XL Sterling Silver Herringbone Bracelet
LS Studio
XL Sterling Silver Herringbone Bracelet
Regular price $ 85.00
Nakita Hoops Nakita Hoops
Nakita Hoops
Regular price $ 225.00
Natasha Hoops Natasha Hoops
Natasha Hoops
Regular price $ 515.00
Teardrop Pearl Huggie Earring Teardrop Pearl Huggie Earring
Teardrop Pearl Huggie Earring
Regular price $ 285.00 $ 142.50
Baby Signet Ring Baby Signet Ring
Baby Signet Ring
Regular price $ 173.00
Dome Hoops Dome Hoops
Dome Hoops
Regular price $ 398.00
La Dolce Vita Anklet La Dolce Vita Anklet
La Dolce Vita Anklet
Regular price $ 250.00 $ 125.00
Daisy Hoops Daisy Hoops
Daisy Hoops
Regular price $ 111.00
Square Topaz Studs Square Topaz Studs
LS Studio
Square Topaz Studs
Regular price $ 150.00