Resort 19
Fairy Floss Tassel Huggie
Two shimmering Fair Floss chains hang like a 14kt gold waterfall from a discrete, ear-hugging...
$ 225
Winona Hoops
The infinity closure, wearable size, and delicate thin look of these hoops make them perfect...
$ 165
Daisy Hoops
These large, striking hoops are made of narrow square tubes of sterling silver for a...
$ 111
Lasso Band
This band is hand-crafted to create the effect of twisting and intertwining strands of shining...
$ 440
Diamond Rope Ring
The classic elegance of a petite round diamond shimmers against the warm 14Kt yellow gold...
$ 511
Good Luck Charm Necklace
The arrowhead has come to represent power and strength thrughout ancient history and within many...
$ 410
Star Ear Cuff
This versatile ear cuff features a dangling 14Kt yellow gold star in a charming size,...
$ 275
Mini Rod Earrings
14Kt Yellow Gold Rod Earring 2x13mm Sold as a Pair
$ 150
Square Pyramid Studs
14Kt Yellow Gold Studs 4.5x5mm Sold as a Pair
$ 98
Mini Star Earrings
14Kt Yellow Gold Star Earring 4x4mm Sold as a Pair
$ 78
Pyramid Stud Earrings
14Kt Yellow Gold Pyramid Earring 5x8mm Sold as a Pair
$ 115
Star Climber Earring
14Kt Yellow Gold Earring 7.5x10.5mm Sold as a Single
$ 75
Mini Teardrop Earring
This accent stud brings a subtle touch of the drama of our gleaming 14Kt yellow...
$ 45
Teardrop Earring
This stud's tapering rounded shape gleams in the light like a teardrop made of liquid...
$ 60
Mirror Chain Bracelet
The slight, petite 14Kt gold oval disks that make up the links on this chain bracelet each...
$ 185
Mirror Chain Anklet
The slight, petite 14Kt gold oval disks that make up the links on this chain anklet each...
$ 205
Bolo Chain Necklace
A sleek sphere of shining gold brings together sparkling, intricately crafted 14Kt yellow gold chain...
$ 298
Sunray Earring
Seven strands of gold herringbone chain shine like beams of light streaming from this bright...
$ 525
Teardrop Pearl Tassle
Baroque drama and modern elegance come together to inspire this lavish, mixed-chain statement earring. Long...
$ 235
Sparkle Hoops
Finely crafted diamond cut detailing intricate textures the gleaming 14Kt yellow gold of these mid-size...
$ 290
Shapeshifter Chain
The long, open links of 14Kt yellow gold chain and unique adjustable safety pin closure...
$ 490
Petite Sparkle Hoops
Finely crafted diamond cut detailing textures the gleaming 14Kt yellow gold of these petite, ultralight...
$ 187
Pendleton Bracelet
14Kt yellow gold, deep black, and vivid blue Miyuki glass beads elevate this handcrafted beaded...
$ 95
Pearl & Toggle Necklace
This necklace brings together the contrasting elements of delicate open oval links of 14Kt yellow...
$ 410
Oval Turquoise Signet Ring
Vibrant turquoise stone and a rich 10Kt yellow gold band perfectly complement each other on...
$ 390
Mini Hammock Hoops
These petite hoops flare out into a wide, domed shape that shines like a hanging...
$ 375
Kettle Bell Hoops
A sleek 14Kt yellow gold sphere hangs from this petite hoop earring for a charm-like,...
$ 90
Jerico Hoop
A luminous pearl has been set in 14Kt yellow gold to create an elegant charm...
$ 193
Geo Pearl Hoop Earring
A classic round freshwater pearl hangs from a chain of contrasting geometric hoops, bringing an...
$ 311
Gemstone Bezel Necklace
Round white topaz gems set in gold bezels sparkle along this 14Kt yellow gold chain....
$ 650
Franco Hoops
The rounded edges of these sleek geometric hoops bring a subtle softness to their angular...
$ 534
Fairy Floss Diamond Stud Cuff
A strand of delicate 14Kt yellow gold fairy floss connects the two round diamonds on...
$ 316
Disk Hoop
A delicate mini disk of 14Kt yellow gold hangs from this petite gold hoop like...
$ 92
Diamond & Pearl Cinq Ring
A row of alternating petite pearls and diamonds set in 14Kt gold sits atop this...
$ 405
Baguette Charm Hoops
White topaz baguettes framed in gold hang like gleaming mini mirrors from these petite 14Kt yellow...
$ 474
Baby Chubbie Huggies
These baby hoops recreate one of Loren Stewarts’ most versatile and signature pair of earrings...
$ 130
Turquoise Bezel Ring
14Kt Yellow Gold Ring 1.2mm Wide Band 8.7mm Round Turquoise Bezel
$ 235
Turquoise Padlock Pendant Necklace
14Kt Yellow Gold Curb Chain 8.7mm Round Turquoise Padlock Pendant 16" Length
$ 225
Pendleton Necklace
14Kt Yellow Gold Curb Chain 1.5mm Turquoise Beads 1.5mm 14Kt Yellow Gold Beads 16" Length...
$ 168
Turquoise Link Bracelet
14Kt Yellow Gold Curb Chain 4mm Round Turquoise 7" Length
$ 235