Who Run the World?

Girls. We’re celebrating International Women’s Day with limited edition exclusives and women-inspired pieces.

Joan of Arc Necklace Joan of Arc Necklace
LS Studio
Joan of Arc Necklace
Regular price $ 708.00
Guadalupe Pendant Guadalupe Pendant
LS Studio
Guadalupe Pendant
Regular price $ 365.00
Angel Pendant Necklace Angel Pendant Necklace
Angel Pendant Necklace
Regular price $ 440.00
Mini Disk & Toggle Necklace Mini Disk & Toggle Necklace
Engravable LS Studio
Mini Disk & Toggle Necklace
Regular price $ 270.00
Mini Heart Signet Mini Heart Signet
Engravable LS Studio
Mini Heart Signet
Regular price $ 129.00
#FamiliesBelongTogether Disk Necklace #FamiliesBelongTogether Disk Necklace
LS Studio
#FamiliesBelongTogether Disk Necklace
Regular price $ 85.00
Greta Teardrop Earrings Greta Teardrop Earrings
LS Studio
Greta Teardrop Earrings
Regular price $ 150.00
Seraphina Hoops Seraphina Hoops
Seraphina Hoops
Regular price $ 375.00 $ 262.50
Winona Hoops Winona Hoops
Winona Hoops
Regular price $ 165.00
Pride Friendship Safety Pin Pride Friendship Safety Pin
LS Studio
Pride Friendship Safety Pin
Regular price $ 140.00
Heart Friendship Safety Pin Heart Friendship Safety Pin
LS Studio
Heart Friendship Safety Pin
Regular price $ 140.00
Natasha Hoops Natasha Hoops
Natasha Hoops
Regular price $ 515.00
Hepburn Chain Hepburn Chain
LS Studio
Hepburn Chain
Regular price $ 561.00
Riley Hoops Riley Hoops
Riley Hoops
Regular price $ 25.00
Cornetto & Jade Baril Necklace Cornetto & Jade Baril Necklace
LS Studio
Cornetto & Jade Baril Necklace
Regular price $ 345.00
7 Days Ring 7 Days Ring
LS Studio
7 Days Ring
Regular price $ 222.00