Loren Stewart creates classic and nostalgic jewelry with a renewed experimental bite. We are attracted to the properties and possibilities of gold and precious materials. Designs are minimal and clean. Pieces can be layered or mixed and matched — we call it “self-curated” style. An essential aspect of our brand identity is about making fine jewelry accessible with a live-in-it wearability.


Founded in 2009 by Rachel Loren with sisters Satya Stewart and Annah Stewart-Zafrani, Loren Stewart began their LA based accessories label by melting down old pieces of jewelry and upcycling them into fresh new styles for themselves and their friends. Early designs of the brands signature Skinni Ring and Rod Earrings launched the Core Collection, and now offerings include Mens, Wedding, and Seasonal Collections.

The jewelry is designed in Loren’s hillside Mt. Washington studio and handcrafted in Downtown Los Angeles where the company works closely with local artisans specializing in all aspects of fabrication and production. The brand is rooted in simplicity of fine materials and small craft production; each item of jewelry is hand-made with love and attention to quality and detail.

Designed & made in L.A.

Loren Stewart draws from the casual luxury and bohemian lifestyle of Los Angeles. The jewelry is designed in Loren’s hillside Mt. Washington studio and handcrafted in Downtown LA.

I Los Angeles

Designs draw from coming of age during the 1980s when rock music was dominated by iconic women such as Debbie Harry and pop was enhanced by music video glamour. American high-school culture was captured by John Hughes’ Pretty in Pink and Breakfast Club. Our pieces wink at that era with whimsical hearts, safety pins, pastel gemstones, and vintage style Herringbone, Valentino, Rope and Box chains.

Self-Curated Style

Loren Stewart’s commitment to self-curated style means adjustable necklaces, bracelets, and anklets for layering and versatility.

Pieces can go from day to night and from yoga and spin class to the shower, never forgetting the style needs of a modern woman.


Loren Stewart designs are handmade by skilled artisans using traditional jewelry making techniques in Downtown Los Angeles from molds to casting, stone cutting and setting, soldering, chain making and assembly.

We are proud members of the Jewelers Vigilance Committee and support environmentally and socially responsible business.


Fine metals—14 karat gold and sterling silver—become curb and diamond cut chains custom made from vintage machines. Precious metal details such as disks and other classic shapes are crafted from Inertia punch presses.

Gemstones range from precious diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires to semi-precious pearls, opals, apatites and topazes. Accents change seasonally from leather to peacock and marabou feathers.

Stones come from all over the world, and Loren Stewart works with suppliers mindful of where – and under what circumstances – their stones originate. We source stones from as close to home as Arizona to as far away as Australia.

We work with lapidaries based in Los Angeles, and some of our vendors own lapidaries abroad, so we can be assured that the stones we buy are produced with adherence to US labor standards. All diamonds entering the USA are required to pass the Kimberly Process Certification, which outlines the regulations countries must follow to ensure diamonds are mined and shipped ethically.

Men’s Collection

The Men’s collection is utilitarian hardware meant to be worn everyday. Inspiration ranges from findings from Loren’s tool shed — nuts, bolts, locks and chains. We want guys to feel a familiarity and practicality — these are pieces that get better with age.


When we design new collections each season we are consistent and true to our core aesthetic and materials. We’re not trend focused; rather we aim to evolve our styles to integrate into our customers’ personal collections, becoming heirlooms that will last.