Product Materials

All Loren Stewart products are either 14KT Gold, 10KT Gold and Sterling Silver (925) according to the US Jewelry Industry Standards.  Products are stamped or have a logo with markings, unless the item is too small to stamp and if it compromises the particular design.  Please reference our product descriptions on the website which include material details regarding metals used, precious and semi-precious stones.  As members of the Jewelers Vigilance Committee, we are committed to upholding the ethics and integrity of the jewelry industry.


Delicate Products

We advise handling some of our products with care and caution, as some may be affected by the natural elements more than others. Styles include adjustable rings, adjustable cuffs, delicate chains, and products made of wire and hollow tube. If damage occurs, some styles may or may not be able to be repaired. Please contact us for further details about your product.  


Wire & Tube Products

Wire and tube are flexible materials which bend easily. Please be gentle when you put jewelry on and off.

Cuffs mold to the shape of your wrist and arm, affecting its shape from the original form.

Chokers and Collars mold to the shape of your neck, affecting its shape from the original form.

Alterations to the gold tube/wire are not defects: Gold is a soft metal that molds to wearer.


Herringbone Chain

Herringbone is a type of chain made up of thin, flat metal segments. These segments are not straight but are bent in the middle, forming a herringbone pattern.

Please handle the Fine Italian Herringbone chain with care. Herringbone is a delicate chain and should be worn with caution, or damage may occur. We do not recommend wearing the herringbone to sleep, in the shower, or when doing activities that may cause unnecessary tugging or stress to the chain. We do not recommend hanging pendants on the Herringbone chain. Most damages on the Herringbone chain are not possible to repair. In the event a repair or replacement is needed, we will help assist on a case-by-case basis.  


“Fairy Floss” or Box Chain

Box Chain is made of square links rather than rounded ones, hence a boxy appearance. Our Signature Fairy Floss Chain is a thinner version of box chain and is delicate, we advise wearing with caution. We do not recommend hanging pendants on thin versions of Fairy Floss chain.


Sterling Silver Products

Oxidation may occur to polished sterling silver, causing a darkening of the metal, giving it a vintage look. If you want it removed, we offer professional jewelry cleaning, and sell polishing cloths.  

On occasion oxidation or discoloration may occur from natural elements like moisture & temperature because of various alloys or solder used in 14kt gold products and sterling silver. These are temporary and should be easily removed with cleaning or polishing. Please contact us for further information, we may recommend returning the item for our review and for a professional cleaning.  


Adjustable Rings

Open Band Rings are adjustable between 1-2 sizes through opening and closing the band. Be mindful that Open Band Rings are delicate and putting stress through too much opening and closing motions might cause damage to the band.