About Us


We make fine jewelry for your everyday life. Heirlooms cast from gold, silver and precious gems, you can wear anywhere. Each piece, an artful interpretation of a moment that matters to you. Our collection is made with love in L.A. from consciously sourced metals and stones.


Live in it now. Cherish it always.




Los Angeles, California

We are an L.A. brand, born and raised. From the beginning we have always worked with local artisans and manufacturers based in the historic jewelry district downtown. Thoughtful and methodical, our jewelry makers use vintage machines and time-tested techniques like in-house casting and hand-detailing to ensure the highest quality of every single piece.


Vicenza, Italy

Several of our pieces are made in Italy at family-owned factories in Vicenza known as Italy’s “queen of gold.” Here, highly skilled artisans and technicians employ traditional, unmatched know-how that has been honed for generations.




Our mission is to make beautiful, high-quality fine jewelry you love, while reducing our industry’s harmful impact on the environment.  In addition to understanding our materials and how our product is made, we want to contribute to building a better and more sustainable world. Transparency in our supply chain is a goal we pursue with vigor, pushing our suppliers and manufactures to be accountable.  You have a right to know where your jewelry comes from and we aim to keep you informed.  We know as we continue to make strides in the right direction, we will encounter new challenges, but will never stop caring, changing and growing.  

We acknowledge definitions like “ethical” and “sustainable” can be misleading and mean different things to different people, we look to the Jewelry Glossary Project for accurate definitions within the industry.

Our Recycled Materials

Locally, some of our workshops use primarily recycled gold, diamonds and repurposed materials to make our jewelry.  We invest in vetted manufacturers and suppliers who communicate with us about their operations and their supply chains, so that we have assurances that our materials are consciously sourced.

Our Sustainability Standards

We think being “sustainable”  is not a label, it is an ongoing effort about continual improvement.  Working towards sustainability is about making improvements in our business which affect environmental, social and economic orders that impact humanity and our planet. We continuously evaluate our processes; from material sourcing, jewelry fabrication, recycling & reducing waste, being mindful at work, and in our personal lives. We stay in dialogue with other designers, vendors and manufacturers, pushing each other to make our industry ethical and transparent.  To help guide us, we strive to follow criteria set by The Jewelers Vigilance Committee and The Responsible Jewelry Council, the world’s leading standard-setting organizations for the global jewellery industry.  We have adopted a Supply Chain Policy that outlines our principles and expectations and have shared this with our manufacturing partners and suppliers. We give our manufacturers and suppliers questionnaires and assessments to find out how they are sourcing their materials. This is an ongoing process where we communicate with each and every supplier and manufacturer, so that we can partner with them and make continual improvements towards our goals of an ethical and sustainable industry.  For more information about our Company & Supply Chain policy, contact us at support@lorenstewart.com. 

Our Local Practices

We partner with local L.A. manufacturers who care about standards and operate in compliance with the Environmental Protection Agency and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations for work environments.