Q&A with Amanda Merten | Celebrity Stylist

Rachel Loren @ 2023-05-08 17:25:05 -0700
What fuels your creativity /  What inspires you?
Creativity and inspiration both come in waves, but if you wait to be inspired you could be waiting forever! I am constantly searching/seeking/looking/learning and trying to see things with fresh eyes, even if it’s something from the past. I’ve always been inspired by youth culture and authenticity. I love going on road trips and seeing new places, museums, galleries, or could even be as simple as seeing what kind of flowers grow in different places. I love kooky old cult classic films (for example: But I’m a Cheerleader, Welcome to the Dollhouse, The Doom Generation (or anything by Araki),  Empire Records, Showgirls, Rivers Edge, Rules of Attraction, etc etc) And trips to NYC will always be inspiring!!
How do you balance being a mom and a prolific creative/stylist/photographer ?
“Doing it all” can be both exhausting and overwhelming, so I try to be very real with my feelings and mental health to know when I need to take breaks and ask for help. Working and being creative can always wait, but being a mom is full time and is my number one priority so as long as I’m happy and healthy I’m able to do my most important job as a mom the best that I can!
Where is your happy place?
First thing in the morning with my girls and their dad in bed right when they wake up. It’s pure magic, I’m lucky to have babies that wake up happier than the day before and are just so happy, sweet, gentle and loving right when they open their eyes. it’s a feeling like nothing I’ve ever experienced before becoming a mom. Sometimes the rest of the day can be a wild ass rollercoaster, but first thing in the morning is pure gold. I also love any opportunity to be in a warm body of water,  a good nap, a hot shower and spending quality time with my family and best girlfriends. Cheesy mom reminder: laughing, dancing and singing are free medicine!
How do you like to wear your jewelry/ how do you style your jewelry?
I’m a personal jewelry gal through and through. While I have special occasion pieces, I usually wear all my favorite jewelry always. Stacked and layered while still being understated and personal. I wear it always.. to sleep, to shower, to swim, whatever I do, it’s with me. If I take it off I lose it or forget about it so I’ve learned to just leave it where it is and let it be a part of me.