Heart Safety Pin Earring
14k Yellow or Rose gold heart shaped safety pin earrings Measurements  Heart Safety Pins - 23...
$ 140 - $ 275
Emerald Opal & Diamond Ring
3 Stone Arrangement set on a 14k Yellow Gold band 6mm x 4mm Oval Emerald...
$ 415 - $ 425
Trinity Baby Band
14k Yellow or Rose gold ring with three fused baby bands 9mm band width, approximately...
$ 517 - $ 527
Opal Diamond Open Band New
Opal Diamond Open Band
2 mm Round White Diamond (.03 ct) 5 mm x 3 mm Pear Cut Opal...
$ 285 - $ 295
Baby Signet Ring
Signet ring in 14k yellow gold or sterling silver See Engraving Options for custom engraving
$ 173 - $ 665
Topaz Teardrop Band New
Topaz Teardrop Band
Five pear-shaped White Topaz gems are elegantly placed in unison on a hand-crafted 14Kt Yellow...
$ 361
Eastsider Bracelet
14k Yellow or Rose Gold Curved ID Centerpiece Sterling Silver 7" Chain Features Extension Loops...
$ 385
Itsy ID on East Side Chain
14k yellow mini ID measures approximately 1'' long 1 burnished diamond set to side of...
$ 287
Baby Valentino Choker Necklace New
Baby Valentino Choker Necklace
10kt Italian Tri-Colored Yellow, Rose, White Gold chain Adjustable to 16" Chain
$ 245
Floating Diamond Necklace
14k Yellow Gold chain & bezel setting 16'' total length with adjustment loops  2.5mm White...
$ 391
Watts ID Bracelet
14kt Yellow Gold ID Sterling silver curb link 7'' adjustable chain See Engraving Options for...
$ 391
Cinq Ring // 5 Black Diamond Prong Ring
14Kt Baby band with five black diamond in individual prong settings
$ 420 - $ 425
Skinni Ring
Skinni ring recommended to be worn alone or stacked Choice of Yellow Gold, Rose Gold,...
$ 145 - $ 528
Skinni Mixed Metals Ring
The classic skinni ring with sterling silver band and gold top Choice of Yellow Gold...
$ 348 - $ 353
Diamond Prong Closure Bangle New
Diamond Prong Closure Bangle
2.5mm White Diamond (.07 CT) 14kt gold prong set closure on 14kt gold hand-made wire...
$ 398
Sterling Silver hi-polish diamond cut chain 9” length with chain adjustment
$ 395
Rolled Gold Sing Sing Cuff
Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet On the Inside 14Kt Yellow Gold On the Outside
$ 665
Oxidized Sing Sing Cuff
Sterling Silver Oxidized cuff bracelet
$ 295