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Macoña Cigar Band - ROE Capsule

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Macoña Cigar Band - ROE Capsule

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ROE, an acronym for Return on Experience is inspired by the notion of being in the moment, the antithesis to the societal obsession with ROI, or Return on Investment.  Expressed through fine jewelry and objects, ROE is a figurative way of tapping into our parasympathetic state, elevating everyday rituals of the mind and body.

Inspired by vintage cigar bands of the late-Victorian-era and Art Deco design movements (the distinctive shape that simulates cigar bands that wrap around luxury cigars), this Cigar Band is designed with gold and enamel details featuring unique flower insignia. The words SATIVA and INDICA inscribed on the sides, a gold leaf pattern wraps along the band.  On the face of the ring, the words Macoña and R.O.E., the label's acronym for Return on Experience, circle the center flower detailed with a 1mm burnished white diamond stem.  

  • Sterling Silver Cigar Band with Black Enamel 
  • 1mm Burnished White Diamond Detail
  • Made in L.A.
  • Materials Globally Sourced 
  • Free shipping on continental U.S. orders
  • Free and easy returns within 30 days
  • 2 year warranty, terms may apply
Macoña Cigar Band - ROE Capsule
Macoña Cigar Band - ROE Capsule