Materials & Care

Whether recycled or sourced from suppliers with high ethical standards, our gold, sterling silver and precious and semi-precious gems are made into pieces you can wear and never take off. Here’s what you need to know to keep your jewelry shining.

Precious Metals


We use either 10K gold or 14K gold, each piece is marked or stamped noting the specific karat. For items too small to stamp (such as safety pin earrings or other tiny styles), please refer to the product page where the gold karat is noted.  Both 10k and 14K gold are beautiful and durable for everyday wear, it scratches less and lives your life with you—be it at the gym, in the shower or on a date.


Clean your gold pieces with warm, soapy water and soft cloth and let them air dry.

Sterling Silver

An alloy made of 92.5% of pure silver and 7.5% copper, sterling silver is strong, durable and stunning.


Sterling silver can darken over time, but the natural oils in your skin will slow down the oxidizing process. Wear it often to keep it shiny and if oxidization does occur, rub some baking soda on the silver with a soft cloth, before rinsing clean and patting dry.

14K Gold Plated & Vermeil

We use gold plating to give you more beautiful, affordable options when buying fine jewelry. Our base is always sterling silver, so you can be sure your piece is precious. We also use gold vermeil (it’s ver-may)—a premium gold coating process on a sterling silver base—2.5 microns of 14k gold.


Water and heat may tarnish or fade the color of plated or vermeil jewelry so remove it before jumping into a pool or a hot tub. To clean, use a soft cotton cloth and buff gently. We offer complimentary re-plating and an option to strip your piece back to its original sterling silver base.

Precious Stones


Our genuine precious and semi-precious gems are sourced from a family-owned lapidary in Jaipur, India as well as from a downtown Los Angeles supplier who are members of the American Gem Trade Association. Valued for their rarity and beauty the stones in our designs include emerald, ruby, opal, sapphire, turquoise, onyx and topaz among others.


No need to clean your gems with chemicals. Warm soapy water and a soft brush will do just fine.


Recycled or sourced from licensed local suppliers, our diamonds pass the Kimberly Process Certification to ensure they are mined and shipped ethically. One of the hardest substances on earth, these durable gems are of the highest quality — SI 1-2 clarity and G-H color.


Use warm soapy water and a small brush to clean the stone, rinsing well afterwards to ensure you leave no residue behind.